Full Day Tour


When you arrive at the airport or other hotel, the driver will take you to one of the tourist attractions which is considered good to visit, namely the Gumantar traditional hall, the driver will take you there, which takes around 3.5 hours. After arriving at the traditional bale you will be presented with local community activities and traditional bale made from traditional materials seen from traditional building materials, then you can take photos with the community and at the traditional bale itself, after that at 11:00 WITA, you will be taken to the new traditional hall which takes around 20 minutes. Arriving there you can see Sasak traditional buildings and take photos, then you will go to Senaru for lunch at the restaurant by enjoying typical Sasak food and other food menus according to your preferences.

            After that at around 13:00 WITA you will be taken to the ancient mosque of Bayan Beleq to see the historic and oldest mosque on the island of Lombok, but before entering the ancient mosque of Bayan Bleq you first wear clothes that have been provided by the Sasak Bayan traditional community which is made from traditional Lombok sasak ingredients in bayan bleq.

            Next, you will be guided by a local guide who will guide you while you are in the Bayan Beleq ancient mosque area, and provide answers regarding anything you want to ask around the Bayan Beleq ancient mosque, as well as taking photos and enjoying the atmosphere in the ancient mosque area. bayan beleq. Around 14:00 you will be taken to the Bayan traditional village to see the buildings of the previous kings which are made from traditional materials and the culture of the people in the village with everything traditional. Before entering this traditional village you will be required to wear traditional clothing. It has been prepared by local people and local tour guides who will guide you while you are in the Bayan traditional village take photos and enjoy the atmosphere inside the village and you will see all the historical relics in the Bayan traditional village.  Next, you will be taken to the place to buy souvenirs in Bayan village and you can try and buy Sasak souvenirs owned by the Sasak Bayan community to use as souvenirs or memories in your respective country. Next, you will be taken to a hotel or other destination that has been booked. then goodbye and thank you for using the services of Sound Rinjani Trekking on your holiday.



  1. Gumantar Traditional
  2. Bale Anyar Traditional
  3. Bale Bayan Traditional
  4. Campus Bayan
  5. Ancient Mosque


  • Pick Up Lop Airpot/ Other Destinations
  • Heading to the Gumantar Traditional Bale
  • Towards the New Traditional Bale
  • Heading to Senaru Bayan for lunch
  • Towards the Ancient Majid of Bayan
  • Bayan Traditional Village
  • Next Destination Transfer Hotel


  • Transportation
  • Eat 2 Times
  • Destination Entrance Ticket
  • Tour guide


  • Flight Ticket
  • Lodging
  • Tepping For Guide
  • Personalized Medicine
Masjid kuno bayan, Sasak tribe