Anak Dara Hill

Anak Dara Hill Trekking Destination

Anak Dara Hill Trekking Destination – A Paradise of the hills in Lombok Island because Anak Dara Hill one of the best hill in Lombok Island especially in Sembalun village on the foot of Mount Rinjani. Located at east of mount rinj ani Anak Dara Hill stands at an elevation of 1923 meters above sea levels (masl).

Anak Dara Hill located in east lombok agency, excactly in Sembalun Village which is known as a highly sought-after tourist destination for both international and local travellers. Anak Dara Hill surrounded by a series of beautifull hills and mountain that make it truly expeptional beautiful.

Anak Dara Hill Trekking Destination

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How to get to top of Anak Dara Hill ?

To reach the top of Anak Dara Hill from Sembalun Village: From Lombok Airport or Mataram City, travellers only need to ahead to East Lombok Regency and go to sembalun village through north lombok island afterward, or if you want to make it easy we will pick you up there or any area around lombok island. The route to Sembalun Village is easy and you can enjoy lots of nice views and green field views along the way there.

If you book service from us we will make your trekking advanture will be much easier, we will provide the best service for you such as professional English speaking guide, experience porters, very good quality foods and drinks and all you need for trek Anak Dara Hill.

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